Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pictures. Pictures. Pictures

What I've been up to lately...

Here are the denim flowers. I made 33 of them. Still have plenty of denim left from Alex's discarded jeans . lol

I ordered these egg gourds from midnightcoiler over at Etsy. I decided to display them on my kitchen table next to my coffee. So, eggs and coffee is the centerpiece of my table now. Who says flowers can be the only centerpiece? lol

And finally, the grubby primitive candles I made just last night. I enjoy making these so much. They are rolled in cinnamon spices and coffee grounds. They are 5" long each and they smell very yummy!

I decided to bundle them all together with raffia, some rusty stars and other prim goodies. (I can't take credit for that tag, BTW. It came from MyFathersHouse4 also over at Etsy.)

Now to get started on my cabin vacation scrapbook! :) Hope all are having a great day.


scrapper al said...

You're so talented! Everything looks great! I hope you'll share some of your layouts too.

Gabbriella said...

Lookin good girlfriend!