Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seven Favorite Things in My Kitchen.

A little game of tag I learned about through Peggy's blog. Take pictures of 7 things you love in your kitchen. Here goes...
My KitchenAid mixer, because Chris bought it for me. He knew how much I had wanted one for so long. Call me silly but my kitchen really never felt like home until I got it.

I love my birds in flight decals on my cabinets. I have them on all of my upper cabinets that wrap around my kitchen. They all are flying in the same direction, right for the front door. It looks like a big flock is passing through.

Oh how I LOVE my chalkboard! It is HUGE and takes up the better part of one of my kitchen walls. It may seem like an odd thing to have in a kitchen but it comes in very handy. It was originally in a public school classroom. I have used it many hours in homeschooling my own boys, too. We also use it to keep lists of things we need to get when we go to town. Hubby leaves me sweet love notes on it. And sometimes we just get together and draw on it. Talk about a cool game of "pictionary."
I grabbed this up at Etsy. I love how it is coffee theme and a bit rustic looking all at the same time.

I adore the centerpiece on my kitchen table. The willow tree I bought on a shopping trip in Pigeon Forge, TN. The wooden cup full of coffee beans Chris made for me, and the egg gourds in the basket came from Etsy.

Also purchased at Etsy is my new prim canister set. Just looking up at them above the stove makes me happy. =)

And other than that, I love my garnet red walls! lol There you have it!
I tag Nikki to show pictures of 7 things she loves about her kitchen.


Peggy said...

thanks for taking part and I love your kitchen!!! seems we both like red kitchens. LOL

Mama Hen said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I really liked your kitchen, especially your birds in flight. That is such a great idea.

And I looked through some of your past posts. You are very creative!