Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My latest creations.

Corrugated board and paper flower with faux leather leaf and mini tag.
A 3 X 2" glass bottle of coffee beans.
Cinnamon dipped miniature taper grubby candles.

All fabric, hand sewn tags and flowers.

This is what I've been up to lately. You should know by now that I am just the kind of person that always has to have busy hands. I have to feel creative and productive. I love creating...stuff. Some day I fear it may take over my house, but then I remember there is always a Habitat for Humanity to donate to. lol

My DS Caleb is just like me. He is always and forever creating things. Like me, he'd rather spend an evening working with his hands than reading books. That may sound kind of bad but those are the facts. We are who we are, right? Everyone has their own thing. My DS Alex is the reader in the family. He loves browsing book shelves and pouring over pages hour upon hour. I just can't imagine doing that. Just sitting still for that long would drive me batty. Short attention span? Yes!

Ok, so that got off topic. I'll go now and bid you good day and happiness doing what ever you enjoy.

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