Friday, October 10, 2008

Quilted Ideas

I got these quilted hearts from ArtToGo over at Etsy. They were originally part of a hand made quilt that had seen better days. She salvaged the quilt by die cutting the hearts from it. When I saw them I just fell in love. The colors were perfect and who doesn't appreciate hand sewn quilted goodness?!

When I got them in the mail I hand stitched around the edges for a finished look and then added buttons to the centers. I then backed them on a chocolate brown fabric and put the new arrangement in this 12X12 shadowbox style frame.
Please excuse the weird angle. I was attempting to reduce glare and obviously that didn't work. lol At least it will give you the general idea.
It looks smashing and so sweet on my bedroom wall.

She has tons more hearts left if anyone is interested in getting a set. The possibilities for these are limitless.

I had 7 hearts left over so I made a garland strand. They still have buttons, sewn edges, and I added some worn fabric strips between each heart. I need to retake the picture in the daytime because this one is washed out from trying to use the flash.

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inara said...

those hearts are fab, and I love the garland!