Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Thursday to You.

Hi guys! Just a (not so little) update.
Hubby thinks he *might* be home in about a week/ week and a half.

Friday I have an early appointment to have my regular thyroid checkup. Wish that wasn't part of my schedule, but it must be done.

There is a chili and BBQ cook-off in town here this weekend. Me and the boys are for sure going. I just hope I don't forget my camera. (Which reminds me, I need to put it on the charger.)

I finally laid out my pictures from one of our cabin trip from last year. I placed all the pictures in the order that I want them to go in the album and now I just need to pick out the papers and cardstock for it. Well, that and actually making twenty 8X8 layouts! lol

Karen came over and helped me get the scrapbook theater back in order. It was a complete disaster area! I should have taken before and after pics. to share but then you'd have seen how utterly disorganized it had become. :(
We started cleaning around 5pm and did not get finished until around 5am. We didn't plan to stay up all night cleaning/re-arranging but, it just happened that way.

Caleb is getting his birthday gift a bit early this year and he knows what it is but there is a good reason for that. He really wanted a laptop of his own. This is a good thing because up until he started 9th grade this year he never wanted anything to do with computers. Well, graphic design was one of his chosen electives and he also has typing class. He is also learning Spanish on Rosetta Stone this year which is also on computer. So really it is an educational investment and I didn't want to wait until the year was half over to let him begin using it. His birthday isn't until Dec. 15th.
So, I called Chris and we talked it over for all of 30 seconds, and now the laptop will be here Monday. I really think this could be the tool that will help him become a better reader. Caleb takes after his fathers side of the family. None of them can read or spell worth a lick! Chris can, but just at a slow pace.
Alex took after me and learning how to read and spell came real easy for him. Thank goodness!
Caleb will begin studying for his learners permit next month and I just pray that he doesn't struggle with it. The kid is an excellent driver. He could pass the driving part of the test with his eyes closed.

Lastly, I've been spending my free time making these cool frayed edge multi-layered denim flowers. I also made my own bundle of cinnamon scented grubby taper candles. It turned out really nice! Besides the candles I added some willow springs, rusted stars, and tied it all together with raffia.
I will try to remember to post pictures of it all later today.

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Brighton Early said...

Good Thursday to you!

I wish I could get a computer for my to convince hubby! :)