Monday, January 08, 2007

What's YOUR surefire creative booster right now?

Almost everyone has that one embellishment or product that they reach for time and time again. You know what I mean. It's that thing that makes your heart sing and makes you smile just to know you own it. LOL Funny as it sounds we scrappers are quite serious about our love of certain products.

For me right now it is Prima flowers! I am so in "love" with the new Crazy Daisies I can't put it into words. LOL
I am not ashamed to admit that I ordered SIXTEEN tubes of these in almost every color you can think of.
I don't even care if I never get around to using them all. In fact it is safe to bet that I won't. Still,... just looking over at them makes me happy. I am a lover of all things beautiful. I like to surround myself with beauty. It is no different when it comes to scrapbook embellishments.
I am also a complete BLING fiend!! I can not get enough of it and use it every chance I get. I hope that the bling, flourishes, doodling, and chipboard don't phase out too quickly because I feel like this is "my" thing. My nitch. I've never felt this comfortable with any other "fads" in the past.
But enough about me. What must have item(s) have you drooling with delight right now?

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