Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Eyes Have It.

Have you ever made a layout about yourself using a photo of just your eyes? What was the topic? What did you have to say?

I could see (get it? SEE- lol) doing a layout about how I see the world and the things around me.
Maybe it's about the things I've seen-past tense. How the world has changed. How much we have progressed?

Maybe it's not about what you see at all. Maybe it is just about your eyes. Did you "inherit them" from your Mom, or one of your grandparents? Another good topic for a photo like this might be a dedication page to your child(ren) stating that- I love you even when I can't see you.

Ok well, that's about all the ideas I have. LOL This all came about because I was thinking along the lines of a Book of Me page. If you have suggestions please feel free to comment and share them with me. :)

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