Monday, January 08, 2007

Sketch 3

Here's a sketch that's easy peasy. The edge stitching could be machine or pen stitches. It's up to you. I didn't designate a patterned paper for this sketch because I personally would like for the flower/button bouquet to take center stage. If you want to go with a pattern, that's cool too. Make it your own and have a good time. Remember that the flower stems could be drawn on freehand, sewn on, or they could be made from ribbons. You could take it a little farther and make stems using your Chatterbox flourish stencils OR stamping them on with those clear flourish/doodling stamps we all seem to have now. :) I have also drawn my stems on a scrap piece of cardstock, cut it out, ran it through my Xyron and made a stem set that way too.
Notice how the title is wavy. I did that to go with the free flow feeling of the bouquet. It's really simple but I like how it turned out.

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