Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Toot, Toot, as they say.

The Dec. '08 Issue that I am published in.

I made on the introductory page! YAY! (Second one down on the left side)

My page. Page 40. These are my gemstone earrings made of garnet and peridot rondells, and Keishi pearls.

Like my friend Arlyn says, I don't know why people say "Toot, Toot" when they are published, but since it seems to be the thing to say so...

I got my jewelry back from the publisher today with my issue of Bead Trends that I am in . My Mistletoe & Holly Berry earrings made the Dec. issue and I am on page 40. Actually, I am also on page 4 inside the front with the table of contents.
I can't decide if I want to keep them or list them in my shop. Need to think on it a bit.

I am also in the Feb. '09 issue and that will be the last one. I've decided not to submit every month like I used to. If I do it will be leisurely and sporadic at best.
Being published is fun but it isn't everything. I don't need the publications to feel validated. I simply make what I like and leave it at that. I have the bragging rights to many, many publications. I can say I've been there, and I've done that. It served its purpose, but now it is time for other chapters of my life. :)


Gabbriella said...

yay!!!! FOR YOU AGAIN!!!!!

Janera said...

I am so proud of you!

And I love these earrings. Peridot is my birthstone. Gorgeous earrings!