Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Forget anything???


How it's supposed to be when Chris travels from point A to point B. In this case B being home.
Make sure you have everything. Every thing! Fly to TN, go to office, get in personal vehicle, drive home.

What actually happened: Didn't quite make sure he had EVERY thing. Flew to TN, went to the office, got in his personal vehicle to drive home, realizes that he left his truck keys in Las Vegas!

Plan B. Get one of your employees to drive you home even though it is over 150 MILES out of their way, round trip. But guess what, employee #1 also left the keys to his personal vehicle in Las Vegas.

I tell you I came this (---) close to having to drive to get him tonight. Fortunately another employee had the presence of mind to remember the keys to his vehicle and was willing to bring him home.

Why did they forget their keys in Vegas, you asked? Because they have to go right back to LV after Christmas and personal baggage as well as all of the company equipment was put in storage until they return. 'Cept they were supposed to bring their keys so they could get, um,...HOME.

I tell ya, if their heads weren't attached...

This calls for a trip to the dealership to get a spare key! Chris's truck has been sitting at the office since June. Think the fuel in it has gelled by now?

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Gabbriella said...

You gotta love em girlfriend! This is why God made Eve!
Have a wonderful holiday!
PS check out progress after the holidays on new blog
got some interest....yaaaayyyyy!!!