Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thank you, Janera!!!!!

Guys, Janera sent me such an awesome, heartfelt stocking full of goodies. I am so glad she joined Peggy's stocking swap this year. I got to make a new friend that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. And Peggy, I hope you know that your stocking swaps are more than just a giving and receiving of material things. It gives us girls a chance to connect with another special soul and make a friend to cherish. And Janera really is a special lady. I'm blessed to have met her.

Enough mush, lol, on with the show......
This was my first glance of the stocking as I folded back the paper. And to quote Janera, "sweet mercy!" I was in love at that very moment. I am a burlap fiend! That goes back to my love of all things rustic.
I do not know what the white fabric is that she used but it has a quilted texture to it and it could NOT be any softer. It is just lovely and I will cherish this for as long as the good Lord lets me.

An overview of the entire loot. Do you see a theme going on here?

Would you look at that coffee scoop?? This thing is rockin' my world ya'll! It's very weighty, solid, and I love it to bits! Janera hit the nail on the head with the coffee theme. It's just me through and through. But the coffee goodness doesn't stop there!

STARBUCKS! Oh my! My all time favorite coffee and I say I don't care how yuppy it is, I luuuuuvvvvvvv iiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt! As if that wasn't enough she sent these two cute coffee ornaments for my tree. I had to LOL when I saw them because it just goes to show my addiction must be shared far and wide for someone to invent these. Yep, going right on the tree, they are!

More wonderful coffee stuff! I think Janera made this kitchen towel and hot pad. My coffee themed kitchen is looking spiffier all the time, thanks to you. Again, LOVE them! Oh and do you see those candles? She sent me a set of 4 different coffee scented votives and even through the plastic they smell divine! I may just have a new favorite candle company. :)

Janera tapped in to my inner creative junkie. She sent me a HOBBY LOBBY GIFT CARD!!! I think I scared the boys when I saw it because I literally squealed out loud. LOL Me loves the HL! I promise to put it to good use, Janera. Thank you, thank you!

And do you see my bells? My sweet packets of different beverages to sooth me and keep me warm on cold winter nights? A packet of CINNAMON scented air fresheners! My all time favorite scent in the world- next to coffee, of course! And then there were candy canes to remember how very sweet my stocking partner is! And I shall. :)
Last but certainly not least I thought Janera's stocking deserved a close up all it's own. Ya'll it is so very pretty and my style to a T. I give it a perfect 10!

Everything is wonderful and I will take great care of your gifts that you sent with such thoughtfulness and sisterly love. I'm so blessed to have met you and can't thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. For your thoughts, gifts, and prayers, I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and big ((((HUGS))).



Yum I love starbucks too (except pikes place coffee). looks very warm and yummy!

Janera said...

You are just so very welcome! It was great fun!

Hope you're feeling well today.

Bride2Be said...

Wow! I looooooooooooove those coffee cup ornaments; too sweet! This stocking swap was the best! It was so fun getting hooked up with someone new and learning about them:) I was on a scavenger hunt for Peggy; lol!!