Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gettin' Excited

I am waiting on baited breath to hear that my stocking swap partner got her package. I am positive she will get it today. She's probably in school right now and doesn't even know she got it. I just hope she likes at least some of what I sent. Yes, I know it is the thought that counts, but...
Maybe she'll hate what I sent! Yikes. I guess I'll find out soon. :)

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Janera said...


Kristie, I came home today to find your box had arrived. Electric Man picked it up from the post office and had it here for me when I got home from school.

I was so excited I couldn't even get a Diet Dr. Pepper out of the pantry before I had that thing ripped open.

I am just speechless. Speechless and so, so blessed by your talent and your generosity! Check out my blog later for this post, which I'm working on as we speak: "Layers and Layers of Love." Because that's what I felt when I opened up that box of every kind of goodie in this world, woman!

I don't even know how to receive so many lovely presents at one time! Any single one would have been enough, yet there was one right after the other.

Oh, goodness. I'm gushing. Thank you so very much, my sweet friend, for blessing me the way you did today.

I will never forget your Christmas love!


P. S. Your stocking is guaranteed to arrive by tomorrow (Wednesday). When you open it, try to remember that I'm not very talented nor nearly as creative as you, but every little gift, from the inside out, is sent your way with the love of a sister. I pray you and yours have a blessed season.