Sunday, December 28, 2008

CVS End Of Year Totals.

These are my CVS receipts from the whole year of 2008. Isn't it kind of poetic that the last receipt of the year was also the last of the tape on the register?
Anyway, There are 161 of them.
In all I spent $157.07 real cash there this year and got over $5,600 in product.
Specifically that means I spent $157 for a bottom line total of $5,483 in product. It also means that I averaged $0.97 out of pocket per trip. Not bad, but a bit higher than I'd like it to be. Plus you have to take in to consideration that Tennessee's tax rate is 10% on the dollar, which sucks! lol

I didn't tally 2007 because I started mid year that year and somehow managed to get right at $12,000 in product. That much I do remember. But, with tighter limits this year, no more free for all CVS $/$$ coupons, and limited stock, it was just a bit harder to do as well as last year. At least for me anyway.

Anywho, I am challenging myself to do better in 2009. I hope to get a lower out of pocket average and may make my product goal $7,000. This should be interesting! :)

On another subject...
I'm starting off the New Year (and my birthday) with major oral surgery, this coming Wednesday, Dec. 31st.
Bone has to be chizzled, and I have a high risk that the right side of my face could be left permanantly paralyzed. A very high, very sobering risk. So if you pray and feel so inclinde, please pray that all goes well and for me not to be so nervous. It would mean more to me than I can properly express here.
And it's a good thing I saved so much at CVS this year. This little dental trip is costing me over $2,000 out of pocket- after insurance! Yikes!

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Gabbriella said...

will be praying sweetie---keep me in your also I was in the Er 5am saturday. will talk in an email
Hugs ( ) & Prayers