Sunday, December 21, 2008

12/21/08 @ CVS

What a fun time we had at CVS today!

Between me and Alex we got $220.66 in stuff for less than $3 real cash. I not only rolled my ECBs but I went in with $60.57 in ECBs and came back out with $88.76 in ECBs. So, a $28.19 Money maker! Thanks in part to having all the right coupons and a CVS CRT for $10 off $30!

*8 Right Guard Professional Strength deodorants
*5 Listerine mouthwashes
*4 L'oreal HIP eyeshadow duos
*3 Slimquick Energy shots
*3 Halls Naturals cough drops
*3 Advantage Edge bars
*2 Excedrin Migraine Gel tabs
*2 Zantac 150
*2 Thermacare Heat Wraps
*2 boxes Benefiber Stick Packs 16ct.
*1 Hershey bar
*1 Fusion razor
*1 Gillette Fusion shampoo/body wash
*1 pack EASadvantage shakes
*1 Alteril natural sleep aid

I think that's everything and we didn't even come close to getting our limits on some stuff. Like the deodorants, the limit is 10 PER PERSON. But, I think there are enough of these to make Chris's guys happy so we'll leave it at that. :)

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