Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas pictures.

The first picture isn't very good quality but I still love it. Caleb was either watching or playing a game on the new TV. I should've gotten over to the side a little more for a better silhouette shot.

Please pardon that Chris looks so exhausted in these pics. In all honesty, he was! On top of that he pulled some muscles in his back and was in excruciating pain. Poor guy! Anywho, that is one of the presents I got him. It's an inversion table- for BACK aches, pains, and re-aligning the spine. Looks like I got just what he needed, doesn't it? He has used it a few times now, and combined with some 500mg naproxin he is starting to feel much better.

We all got a Thank you God I am grateful bracelet, and a cross necklace made of nails.

This is just a random shot I got of Alex's new video game on the new TV. The boys were loving playing on it.

Just an overall shot of the "major" gift that each one of them got. The TV was for Chris, even though it's really a family item. Caleb got a carry case to go with his new laptop that he "officially" got for his birthday just two weeks earlier. He also got 3 PS3 games, and a controller of his own since the system only comes with one.
Alex got the PS3 system and 3 games. Like I said, there was more, but these were the biggies.

Hold still! I'm not trying to take pictures of blurs! lol

My crazy hubs snuggling his stocking. I swear he looks forward to getting his stocking more than the presents. He didn't get one when he was growing up and it's just something I started doing after we got married. I guess I always will. There's no rule saying grown men can't have a stocking, right?

And I can't believe I'm sharing this one. It's me, no makeup! But hey it was Christmas, and if ya can't laugh at yourself...
Alex snapped this one. I was just being goofy and wearing the bow that we had on the TV.

I should've taken pictures of the spread. That's southern for the food, the dinner. lol But the important thing is it was good, real good.
And that raps it up. No pun intended. I hope you all had a happy Christmas too! :)


Peggy said...

A perfect Christmas!

NikkiH said...

Merry Christmas my dear friend, I hope you had a good one, looks like the boys did ;) What an awesome mommy and wife they have :)