Friday, July 25, 2008

When Hubby Is Away...

the mom will play. LOL- HAHAHA- evil laugh.
I've been wanting to totally redo our master bathroom for quite a while now but every time I bring it up Chris shoots my ideas down. See, Chris can do anything he puts his mind to but he really, really didn't want to tackle the bathroom because it is wallpapered and has real high cathedral ceilings. If you don't know, wallpaper is a nightmare of all nightmares to get off. Chris just wasn't ready for that and never was going to be ready! But me, I was beyond ready for a change.

So what's a girl to do? Well, first she waits till dear ole hubby is out of town for like 2 solid months. LOL Then she watches a lot of home improvement type shows and learns of an awesome way to give wallpapered walls texture and new color without having to actually remove the old paper! Perfect, I thought to myself. How wonderful!
The wheels in the mind begin to turn. Notes are being jotted down. Instructions absorbed like a sponge. A list of materials needed is compiled. And finally a trip to town to make the leap and buy the suppies. Too late to turn back now. I'm in too deep. The money's been spent. Renovations have begun.

As I am gutting the room I smile with glee as I threw out the old light fixtures. I can hear hubby in the back of my mind telling me not to throw them out. Telling me those might come in handy some day for something else. Never mind that two of the globes are broken! Sheesh. I felt 10 years younger when I took down the old mirror with the intention of never hanging it back up again. For I shall buy new light fixtures and a new fabulous mirror. Gutting the bathroom I liberally toss things that I know hubby would want to keep. Things like rusty screws that are just laying around with no purpose. The bathroom mat that will no longer come clean no matter how much I wash it! An old jar that used to have one of his pipes in it.

What was old is rapidly becoming new. The bathroom is looking great, and there's nothing dear hubby can do to stop me. I am a woman mad with power and the freedom to let her creative mind run wild. Bwahahahaha. :)

Pictures coming soon.

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