Sunday, July 06, 2008

This weeks CVS trip.

Not very much of a deal this week but that's how it goes some weeks.

10 bottles Dawn
4 cans Pringles (ate one on the way home) lol
3 18oz. bottles Olay w/Ribbons body wash
2 3ct. packs Gillette razors
2 Hershey's
2 pks. CVS pantyliners (for my mom)
2 pks. CVS tampons (for SIL)
1 Olay cosmetic wipes 30ct.
1 Maybelline Define A Line eyeliner
1 32 load bottle of Tide
1 Arizona Green Tea (Not pictured cause it was drank on the way home- lol)

Total: $79.04
Total I paid after coupons and rolling ECBs: $2.04


brightonEarly said...

You are one crazy, money saving machine! Lucky.

Patricia's Art said...

Wow! You are the Coupon Queen!!!!
Thats So cool!