Tuesday, July 29, 2008

96 Bags!

Since we've been SO super busy on the bathroom remodel I forgot to tell you about last Sat. nights CVS deal.

The big hit of the trip by far was being "paid" $50 to take 96 BAGS of Lifesavers for FREE! Every bag was free between the b1G1 free sale and our B1G1 free coupons. That's a picture of them in Alex's office chair. We almost had a Lifesaver avalanche just trying to get a picture.

We'll give some to Chris's coworkers, and a lot of other people. I'm sure we will not have a problem finding homes for it all. LOL

We got a few other things. The typical stuff like razors, band aids, soaps, etc. but this was the real wow of the night. :)

And speaking of the bathroom...
All that is left is to find the correct replacement knobs for the sink and shower. (I've made 3 different trips to Lowe's for these and still don't have the right ones!) and I need new bolt covers for the potty. After I get those taken care of I promise to post pictures.
We ended up putting in new flooring which was NOT part of the original plan. But then neither were light fixtures! More to come soon...

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Gabbriella said...

OMG!!!! Where in the world do you get all those coupons???? We don't have them in PA!!!!