Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some bathroom pictures.

Keep an open mind until you see the finished result. We're making a transition from roses and bows to masculine faux leather walls. It looks awfully dark at this point but like I said, we aren't done yet.


I saw this technique on HGTV for covering papered walls and not dealing with the hassle of removal. We were able to remove the top of the paper- in some places- but not the adhesive residue beneath, so this was a great option for us.

The first thing you do is "paint" a section of the wall with wood glue and apply tissue paper that was wadded up and then un-wad, leaving as many of the crinkles and wrinkles as you can. Yes, tissue paper like gift wrap tissue. :) You end up with something that looks like the picture above.

Next we started in painting the papered walls brown, or coffee bean to be exact.

Here's DS Caleb painting the peaks where it is cathedral. Thank goodness he doesn't mind being on a ladder!
A shot of the corner wall completely painted.

Then we went in with the next color which was coffee. As in coffee with creamer color. We thinned the paint with water and wiped in on with cloths. After that we used the same color undiluted and just slung paint all over for the splatter effect. (Those white spots are where light fixtures and outlets go to go after we finish.)

So that's all I can share for now. It really looks like leather in real life. Albeit paint splattered leather. LOL I will try to get a better picture of the texture once we are done. I can't wait to get this finished and decorated!

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Gabbriella said...

Looks really good! I have a friend who did her family room in crinkled brown packaging paper you get on a roll in the craft store. Isn't it amazing what we can do!