Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I've been up to.

Edit: A few people have shown interest in purchasing some of my new goodies. I never dreamed anyone would want to buy them. Just goes to show you never know what may happen in blog land. lol
If anyone else wants to buy some of the gift baggies or the soap clothes just send a convo to me here and we can discuss price, and I can make a listing just for you in my etsy shop.

t has been so hot here the past couple of days. Between laundry and the usual housework I've been trying to keep my mind focused on something other than the heat by being creative. Instead of making jewelry I wanted to "play around" with some of my other many hobbies.
So... I thought for today's blog post I would share those things with you.

I started off making 64 little silky fabric gift baggies. They are 5" X4" and I cut some cotton ties for each one. I love how every color of the rainbow runs through this fabric. I may use them to pack my jewelry sales. I may list them as a supply in my etsy shop. I really haven't decided but I had a blast making them. I'm glad I know how to use my sewing machine! :)

I call these Soap Cloths. You might look at these and think I am completely crazy, but bear with me and hear me out.
I really love these because each family member gets their own bar of soap and their own "washcloth". They are filled with Peggy's goat milk soaps which are just super for your skin! They lather extremely. You never have to stop mid wash and re-suds your washcloth, and you never drop your soap because the coasie acts as a grip.
Each one has a loop on the corner to hang your bar to dry between showers. The coasies are made of 100% cotton. They are refillable. Still think I'm crazy? lol
If you thought I was crazy with the Soap Cloth idea then you may really think I've flipped my wig on this one. It is a coffee filter memory book. Or at least it will be when it is finished. When the pages are open it kind of looks like a butterfly.
I am using #2 cone filters for the inner pages and a #4 cone filter to tuck the book away in. My hubby bought the wrong size filters one day so they've just been taking up shelf space ever since. Coffee filter books aren't new. They've been around about a s long as the paper bag albums, or so. I hope to finish this project tonight.

So there it is. I've been a sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking fool lately. Needed a little break from making jewelry. ;) If you made it this far, I thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a bit of feedback and let me know what you think. Yes, even if you think I'm crazy. lol


Angie said...

I love the soap cloths:)

Marie said...

hehe good idea with the coffee filters!
and the soap cloths are great, i don't think you're crazy at all! i'd love one of these!

Estela said...

The soap cloth is such a cool idea!!

Gabbriella said...

Just love them ALL!! Mom was making me dish cloths & soap bags with the same yarns before she passed on....they are great! I have a dish cloth out of the same from my grandma which is from 1974 when I married...still going strong! I wish I could figure out how to finish Moms's, I can't find her pattern...guess she took it with her! LOL