Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pictures of the mini paper bag album.

Ohana means family. :) It's a family themed book.
No pictures yet because I don't know if I'm going to keep it or give it as a gift.

Page 2 has a place for 3 pictures. Page 3 is for 4 cropped photos for the "window", or pictures & journaling.

Another swing open for more pictures page.

On this page the flower swings up. When down it hides a pic. or notes.

The tag on the left page is raised but you can't really tell in this picture. The butterfly is also 3-D.
Next page is same as the one above but with the flower down covering the photo box.

The page on the right side is a pocket page that hold two large tag shaped photo mounts. You can add pictures to the front and the back, making room for 4 pictures + one on the actual page itself behind the tags.

The only bad thing about pictures is that you can't see all the textures. The black silhouette of the butterfly and vines is felt. I used a lot of button mini brads, crystal brads. There's some stamping, tons of inking, a ton of Prima flowers that I inked with my catseye inks. Just a crapload of attention to detail. lol I also made tags that I put in each one of the "pockets": the opening of the bags.

If you want to see a larger view just click on each picture. They all enlarge.

So there it is. I would appreciate any feedback on it, unless you don't like it. In that case keep your opinion to yourself. ;)
Just kidding!


brightonEarly said...

Well I just hate it.

Just kidding! It's wonderful! I would keep it for myself if I were you. But I'm not you, which means you should sell it. Ha!

Jenna Franklin said...

REALLY cute, Kristie! I love it!

scrapper al said...


candy said...

this book is just amazing!!