Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Not going to garden. LOL

In years past my attempts at a real garden failed. Many of you have heard me mention over and again that I do not have a "green" thumb. I am just utterly cursed when it comes to getting plants to grow and flourish.

You might also remember my earlier post about the volunteer pumpkins coming up? Well those are now triple the size they were! Doing most excellently with tons of blooms.

Then there was a tomato that I threw out during the "great tomato scare" about 3 weeks or so ago and guess what. Yep, tomato plants have shot out of the ground.

I also threw out cantaloupe seeds and now have shoots of cantaloupe plants coming out of the ground as well! GO FIGURE! All just discarded. No prepping of the soil, no fertilizer, no nothing, and boom, they grow!

Silly, silly me. All that wasted time when I all I really needed to be doing was just chucking the seeds on the ground. Screw proper spacing, proper watering, proper sunlight to shade exposure. HA. Nature knows what it is doing way better than any growing instructions I've ever tried.
So I've decided that I am not going to go to the trouble of planting a "real" garden. I'm just going to discard my seeds as usual and what volunteers to grow is fine with me. LOL

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