Sunday, February 03, 2008

Caleb's BIG Fish

Isn't it wonderful the bonds and lasting memories that come from something as simple as going fishing with your dad?
I have many memories of me and my dad fishing by the lake. (Though I think I spent more time scaring them off or piddling around than actual fishing.)
Even if we didn't catch anything there was always a fellow fisherman that would come by and share his catch with us. My dad would gut, clean, and grill the fish right there on the bank of the lake at our picnic table.

Back then I just thought fishing was something daddies do, but now I know it was more. Because of those times I know how important these father, son fishing trips really are. Because of my dad I know how to prepare fresh fish for grilling. I watched him do it many times and didn't even know that I was learning. Chris didn't really have a father figure in his life. He never had a dad to go fishing with. He is making sure things are better for his kids. He makes sure to make memories with them. I am very proud of him for that. And I can pick up where he leaves off by instructing how to prepare the fish for the grill. :) We are a pretty good team I'd say.

Caleb's catch weighed between 15-18lbs. Chris says. He sure was big and heavy. He was mighty tasty too! Way to go Caleb! ^5

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Annie said...

Wow! Congratulations Caleb...That IS a Big fish!
I have fond memmories of fishing with my Dad, I didnt like it much back then (I guess it was a girl thing) but now I am very glad for those memories!