Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silly Me.

Chris is on his way back from an account in Miami Fl. and I am still not caught up on his laundry from last time he was here, 5 days ago. Not to mention my own and the boys.

All I want to do is sit with my CVS ad, and my calculator and plan my shopping scenarios for CVS. The deals ROCK next week. It has my head spinning. I'm not going to be at peace until I've crunched all the numbers, located all the coupons and written the perfect plan of attack.

Laundry? It can wait a lil' longer, right? bwahahaha

EDIT: OMGosh. Hot Coupon World is down! Sound the alarms! I am having withdrawls!!! I HAVE to see the ad to work up my plan. Somebody, anybody, get HCW back up online STAT!

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