Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unplugged Challenge

Those of that read Rebecca Sowers blog are probably familiar with her post about setting aside a day to be totally unplugged. To use the day to get acquainted with nature, or to tap into your creative abilities and use the time making something with your hands. To spend quality time as a family. To just be unplugged ALL day. That means no TVs, no video games and gasp, NO computers! Along with other things like cell phones, though those aren't technically plugged in unless they are being charged. Still, NO cell phones allowed cause those are a distraction!!

So I've asked her exactly how extensive is this? My stove plugs in, it's electric. Do I not cook dinner?
Does this mean I can't make my coffee? LOL
Now, I could technically cook and make my coffee on the grill that is outside but it's like FREEZING out there right now. It's still winter here, ya know. ;)

So, In the meantime I am waiting on her response before I dedicate a date to this in stone.
If I'm not supposed to cook I'll need to make preparations for dinner that night. I wanna play fairly and do this whole unplugged thing correctly. lmbo

So, is anybody with me on this? Anyone else wanna be unplugged for a day? If so let me know what day you picked. I'll come back and let you know what day I've chosen.

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