Sunday, February 24, 2008

Door to Door Salesmen, Oh gees.

We don't get many door to door salespeople out here in the county but when we do they are relentless!
And let me say here and now that the guy caught Alex off guard. He was outside on the porch when the guy walked up. Otherwise we'd never have opened the door for him.

It was about 8:30ish PM. This young guy is selling meat, yes meat, off his truck.
Now, I know it was flash frozen, packaged air tight. Still something about the words truck and meat together gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway, he says to me: "If you'll buy the case of beef I'll give you a case of chicken and seafood for free."
Oh yeah, that doesn't send up any red flags whatsoever. (rolls eyes)

So I politely tell him that I do not have $459.00 to drop on a little box of meat right now.
Do you think that stopped him from slamming the sales promo on me? NOPE. No surprise there huh.

Well, he then starts unpacking all the meats to show me. Guess he figured the big lady would be too tempted by the sight of the food to say no again. I then told him, You really don't have to go to all that trouble of unpacking it and showing it to me. As I said before, I can not buy any of it.
Does he listen? UGG!

So he's trying to do the math on what I normally spend on meats to prove to me that somehow $459.00 is a GREAT bargain for that tiny thing he calls a case. Plus he says to me, "This much meat will last you six months."

To which I tell him that: I have TWO teenage sons. That box wouldn't last more than a week in this house! Trust me. And I am not in the habit of spending almost $500 a WEEK on meat. Heck no!

I continue further; Look dude, I woke up to a $500 propane gas bill hanging on my front door this morning. (Yes, I really did that is the gods honest truth.) AND, We just bought a new car to the tune of $400 a month, AND my hubby just ordered one of those little garage thingies (aluminum roof, metal rod structures) for the new car, for which I have to somehow come up with $900 to pay for within the next 30 days. You came at the wrong time. Sorry but the answer is still no thanks!

Now, if I was smart I would've just stopped him in his tracks when he first pulled up and told him that we are vegetarians. LOL Now that would've been a LIE straight out of h.e.double toothpicks, but he wouldn't know any different and could've probably saved us both a lot of valuable time.

Needless to say, he left angry. But was it MY fault? I was upfront and honest with him right at the start. I told him not to unpack all the meats. He got fair warning! HE is the one that chose to continue on and on. Them's the break dude. The economy sucks right now. Fuel is so high that most people don't leave home unless they absolutely MUST. You chose to drive down a little pig path of a road wherein there are like 20 single wide trailers and ONE house. Mine. Figured the people in the permanant structure on this poor country road were loaded, did ya? (Yes, I am being awfully sarcastic but I can't help myself.) I mean, I know it's not true in all cases, but around here a street that is littered with "mobile homes" is NOT a sign of a wealthy neighborhood.

So don't come knocking on my door trying to sell me meat. We are vegetarians now. (wink)

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