Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I should go play lotto right NOW! lol

Today was an awesome day!
First, I heard from Bead Trends and they want all five of the items I submitted for their upcoming July/Aug. issue. Woooooo
I've been up literally all night typing up the items I used, where they were purchased- though I am not sure WHY that matters! And (how to) instructions. The paperwork takes me FOREVER, but it will be worth it when I see my pieces in the book. I'll get 5 copies of it AND $100 GC to Fire Mountain Gems! YeeHAW. lol

Then, I got a rebate check in the mail. It wasn't huge but money is money.

Last, I sold two items in my Etsy shop today!

Published, checks, sales. Oh yeah, I need to buy my first ever lotto ticket. I'm feelin' lucky. LMBO

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Barbara said...


I just got Dirty Harry from that!

Congrads! Your stuff is really lovely (I jumped over to your shop to peek) -- you should pimp your shop again, you award winner!