Monday, February 23, 2009

What's a good price on...

Specifically hamburger meat, chicken thighs, beef and pork roasts?
This is an area I am really unfamiliar with and have always just grabbed a pack of whatever meat I was after without any concern for the price.
Now that I have the deep freeze I want to focus on stocking up on meats but I want to get the meats at a good price, too.

One of my stores has hamburger for $1.29lb. this week. Is that good???

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Jean Elizabeth said...

yes. that sounds good sometimes you can find it for .99.

scrapper al said...

What's the fat content? I try to buy hamburger with 15% fat and it is a lot more. I can get chicken thighs on sale for $.99 to $1.29 for a family pack, which is waaaay too much for us, but I'm too cheap to buy the smaller packs. I just cook more and eat leftovers for a few days, lol.

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