Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Deal Alert

Time to stock up!

There are coupons for .75/1 can of Sweet Sue White Chunk Chicken in the 1/18/09 Smart Source inserts, (coupon exp. 4/30/09).
At Dollar General they sell these for $1/can. So, .25/can after coupon.
If you have a Save A Lot it sells there for .99/can. A penny cheaper still. =)

Now, word has it that DG is switching out this brand and replacing it with another brand. So, don't be surprised if your DG is sold out. Luckily the DG I checked still had well over 120 cans. And I plan to get them all, HA, HA, HA. I went tonight and got 40 cans. Then I came home and ordered more coupons since it's a reg. item at Save A Lot I don't have to worry about hunting all over town for it. Best of all the exp. date on the cans I got isn't until 10/2010 and we will go through it WAY before that. The cans are little and it takes anywhere from 4-6 cans just to make fajitas for everyone.

Before I tried this I had never had canned chicken and honestly, the thought of it was offputting to me. All I could mentally picture was grissly bits and parts with some faint pieces of chicken in the mix. LOL That is not the case at all! It is truley clean, all white meat chicken and it tastes great.

What can you DO with it? Glad you asked.
chicken casseroles
chicken fajitas/burritos/tacos
chicken soups
chicken salads
chicken stir-fry
and many, many, many, many other things!

If you have other suggestions on meals to use this in let me know.

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