Thursday, February 05, 2009

Help me. LOL

Help us solve this mystery item.
My DS found this, this...thing under our house today. I have never seen it before in my life and we can not figure out what it is.
At first I thought it was an ordinary cooking pot of some sort, but it has plastic feet on the bottom of it. So? That wouldn't be used on a stove eye or even over an open fire.
It's made by Regal. It's aluminum, and apparently it used to have a lid that went on it.

Does anyone have the answer for me? What exactly is it and what is it used for? We would appreciate your help.

(Sorry it is dirty. Like I said it was under our house. LOL)

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Ryan said...

Kristie - Those handles and feet might be bakelite which is somewhat heat resistant.

If I had to guess, this pot was a deep fryer of some sort. The old kind where you just plug the element in the wall and stick it directly into the oil. A COMPLETE FIRE HAZARD. Which is why I'm guessing you found it outside. Maybe it caught on fire and they tossed it.

Michelle said...

I checked the internet to see if I could help you out, and the only mention of a pan with feet was from a lady who said she had a skillet with feet, and it was made to use on a coal stove. If you find out any more information, I would be glad to know. You have piqued my curiosity!

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