Friday, February 27, 2009

Creative Challenge

And a PRIZE to boot! Read on for instructions.

I challenge you to create something beautiful this coming week. Something different than your usual craft, or your known craft with a different twist.
For example: If you normally sew you can still sew, just not fabric. OR, use your fabric in creating something, not sewn.
If you scrap, you can use paper in your creation, but not a layout or a card, etc. If you crochet or knit use the yarn in a different way other than knitting or crocheting. Does that makes sense? It's really not that hard.

Some of you may ask what is beautiful and who is to judge? That's easy. It is what ever you, the creator think is beautiful. And I will get the tough job of judging. ;)

Maybe you have an awesome collection of gizmos and gadgets, buttons and ribbons, rusted doohickeys, old magazines, old lace, old...anything. Maybe you have brand spanking new do-dads that you could throw together and just see what happens. It's about having fun. Once you've made your new beauty I want to hear all the details. What is was like being creative outside of the box. What you think of the finished creation. Anything you want to tell me about it!

It doesn't matter what you make.

If you're taking my challenge post here to let me know. When you've finished your beautiful piece post back here with a link to a picture of it. I'll pick my favorite item and that person will get to pick something from my etsy shop valued up to $20.

You have until Sunday, March 8th to get your entry in. I will announce the winner on Monday, March 9th.

Obviously I can not enter my own challenge. But here is something to get your creative juices flowing...

It's made with a skeleton key that was given a crackle finish, sanded and inked a bit. I tied on a piece of a real clothing pattern, a strip of tea stained muslin fabric, and ribbon made of threads that I coiled. It's topped off with a crocheted flower and small sprig of pink pepperberries that I got from Ryan. I love it and plan to hang it on my TV armoire by my bed.

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