Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Would Ya Look At That!

Last fall after we finished carving pumpkins I threw the seeds out on the ground. Then this spring when I was walking around the yard I happened to notice these plants growing that weren't there before. Closer inspection revealed that there were pumpkin seeds on the tips of the leaves. WOW! I got some volunteer pumpkin plants coming up here, I thought to myself. How cool! At that point the plants were hardy and thick but only about 4" tall. I thought to myself- they'll never live! But look at them now. They are spreading up and out, and you can't see them but there are orange blooms! I have blooms! LOL I guess they are camera shy, but trust me they are there. I think we might have some pumpkins this fall! :)

I guess I got natures stamp of approval because this little guy came right on in the house the other day. I guess it is a moth of some kind? He is sitting on a little wooden latter that Caleb made for me. It sits next to our piano and has some fur draped on it and some candles. It must have felt right at home and probably did not even know it wasn't outside.

I've never been guilty of having a "green" thumb but amazingly this little evergreen has been with me for quite a while now. Chris brought it home back at Christmas time. Back then it was only about 5" tall. It's at least 1.5 feet now, though it's hard to tell from that picture. I replanted it in this larger pot today at took it outside for the first time. If it doesn't croak on me it will eventually be put in the ground. Cross your fingers.

And last but not least some pictures of flowering plants that Chris and I planted beside the walkway today. We've still got to add mulch but I wanted to get the pictures before the sun went down any farther.
I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. :)


jenscloset said...

Wow! I'm actaully ecnouraged to plant pumpkin your flowers!

2kute said...

hey Kristie, I would love to hear from you about those gorgeous mountains.