Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gemstone Pendants or Zipper Pulls

Sales have been dead this past week and my shop already has too many items in it. Which brings me to my dilemma. I made these last night. They are made from real gemstones and could work as pendants or zipper pulls. I want to list them but I don't want my shop to get any bigger than it already is. Each pendant will be listed separately- eventually! Just not today. LOL

Each one has its own different little charm hanging down. One has a flower, a cross, a circle, a leaf, etc.


scrapper al said...

These are cute! The aquamarine (third one in) is my favorite. Or maybe the light green (the first one). Is it bad to have lots of items listed?

Kristie said...

Several discussions on this in the etsy forums always seem to get the majority vote that anything more than 4 pages is over-kill. Apparently the shoppers will not click through page after page before their attention spam expires. LOL

I guess I'm the exception to that because I'll look through tons of pages if I'm enjoying what I'm seeing.

Kristie said...

UM, that should read attention spaN, not spam. LOL

Karen said...

The pendants look very colorful and pretty. A perfect add on to your summer jewelry collection.

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