Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just call me Mrs. Lonely

First, Chris was supposed to have a week home between this rotation and the next. Then Wednesday it was, "I just found out that I have to leave back out Friday morning!"

OK, so it went from a week home to one day. Not happy about that but one day is better than nothing. And now, on Thrusday, the ONE day I should've had with Chris he finds out he has to go to the office (75 miles away) and work ALL day on paperwork. I literally saw him for 10 minutes as he came in the door and dropped off his laundry on his way back out to the office.

He has already been driving all night, now he will work all day only to turn around and drive the additional 75 miles home tonight. Can you say exhausted husband???
I know I'm not supposed to complain and I'm supposed to keep my chin up, but this really BITES yo!!
So when he does get home he will collapse in the bed to be ready to shower and leave out bright and early tomorrow morning. We are but two semi familiar blurs to each other these days.

June 19th will be our 20 year anniversary. I just hope he is able to be here for that.
If he isn't I am really going to need a shoulder to cry on. He is almost never home for birthdays or our anni. Not his choice, but that's life.

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