Monday, June 23, 2008

Farmers Market

I called up the local blueberry farm to see if we could come blueberry picking and found out that they won't be ready for U-pick until mid July this year. Then I learned about a farmers market here in town. We haven't had a farmers market for very long- that I am aware of.

I'm sure I went to them as a child? Had to. But I have not been to one as an adult. Isn't that sad!

There was a list to sign up for notifications, so I did. Then today I got an email saying it will be open tomorrow from 4-7pm. YAY! I thought they were only open on Saturdays since that is what their website said.
Tomorrow I hope to come home with some fresh tomatoes, blueberries and who knows what else. I can't grow a garden myself right now, so I am happy to support the local farmers. Looking forward to it.

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scrapper al said...

I love, love, love blueberries! They are so expensive here. Hope you get lots of yummy things at the farmers market. Do you have a CSA in the area? That's another good way to support local farmers.