Thursday, June 26, 2008

My thrift store finds.

I took the day off from etsy promoting and jewelry making to go thrift shopping. I went to a couple different ones but the best one is always the Habitat for Humanity. They are the cleanest and have the largest selection. So but anywho...I thought some of you might enjoy seeing the treasures I scored on my hunt. I do love me some thrift shopping!

This gorgeous bowl, never used mind you, still has the original tag on the bottom and it reads: The JCPenny Home Collection Fruit Multi. It's a nice size bowl at 11" wide at top and 7" deep. No price tag and my item search at the came up empty. That might be a sign this is a discontinued line. My cost for this bowl $2.00

Then, score number two was the nester boxes that I found in the basement of the thrift store. A grape/ivy theme and each box has a different Bible verse on the lid. Again, these do not appear to have ever been used at all. They have the original price tag of $14.95! Thrift store price tag: $0.50 for all three!

That cloth thing you see in the bowl is actually a table runner. It is a long table runner at that! This item appears to have been previously loved but has no stains, rips, or frays. Great condition. I paid $0.50 for it as well.

$3 for a perfectly matching set of goodies. Not to bad, eh? And I just LOVE the colors of purple and ivy. Some day I am going to have to paint my kitchen in these colors wether Chris likes it or not. lol
The reason I am showing you this next item is to give a little decorating tip. Thrift stores usually have piles and piles of scarves. This is one of those long skinny ones that you can wear in your hair, wear as a belt, drape across your shoulders, or tie around your neck and let the extra length drape down.
ANYWAY, my decorating tip is to change up your baskets and make them look fresh and new all over again by simply weaving these long skinny scarves around the handle. I don't know about your thrift store/s but these scarves are only $0.25 at mine. I will fess up that I did buy this basket today for $0.50 and the scarf. Pretty cute for $0.75 don't you think?
I bought 4 other scarves in different colors so I can keep it fresh. :)

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and have been inspired to drop in at your local thrift store. :)


Miss Mish Mish said...

Lovely finds!I love thrift store shopping :)

Peggy said...

you hit the jackpot! love the tip too. Thanks!

earmark said...

love it! I think i might need to go thrifting this weekend... i feel inspired! great blog :)

Nodin's Nest said...

That bowl is terrific!

OnAMoonbeam said...

great bargain shopping!