Monday, June 11, 2007

"Postage" pendants/charms

I wanna call attention to these faux postage pendants.
I thought these would be a big hit when I listed them. I only listed 4 to start off with and had planned to list the rest if they sold well. They aren't selling at all and I can't figure out why. Surely $4.25 isn't too expensive?
They are made from my paper scraps, backed on thick chipboard and then heavy weight cardstock. After that they got a double coating of clear protective. I thought they were a cute and fun item but maybe they need to be marketed as something other than pendants? Sigh.

1 comment:

scrapper al said...

I noticed these when you put them up and throught they were very cute. I was concerned that my chains wouldn't fit through the jump rings, though I know that is something I could change myself. Maybe market them as charms? Though they are a bit large for charms. Good luck!