Sunday, June 24, 2007

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Cherokee National Forest

Today the family went on a picnic and I enjoyed it so much. I LOVE living in the mountains of Tennessee more than I can ever express with words. Every time we get a chance we take off for a path unknown and it is so, SO much fun. There is beauty around every corner and signs of simpler times can still be found in many areas here. Ahh, relax and take in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. :)
This is a little dog (beagle?) that greeted us when we arrived at the picnic area. She didn't have a collar but I do believe she has an owner. She was very quiet and sweet. We shared our dinner with her and she was such a polite eater. LOL She ate calmly and tenderly. I wonder where she lives...
This is my honey bun and one of three reasons I get out of bed each day. I tell him but I don't think he realizes how much better I feel when he is home. I love you, Chris. ((hugs))
There were several adjoined ponds and they were chock full of Goldfish! Have you ever seen such a thing? I haven't. They sure did like the biscuits we fed to them.
The adjoining ponds on the property.
Chris went for a walk a bit deeper into the woods and took this picture of a stream he happened upon. It's beautiful!
I "stitched" two photos together to try and give a better idea of the view from our picnic site.
OMGosh. This cabin was nestled away in the mountains on the way to the Cherokee. On our way to the park I just got a fast glance of it and knew I had to get some pictures of it on the way back out. I LOVE it!! I really wish I could have gotten a picture of it from the side to show you.

It was small but not as small as it looks. From the side it was longer and had a large stone base. Truly as rustic as it gets and makes my heart skip a beat in excitement! This is the home of my dreams. Honest to God- it IS! I would love, love, love to live in this rickety old cabin up in the mountains, by the stream. I can just see my old baskets, a rocking chair, a quilt or two, and a little garden out back. Be still my heart!

There were roadside signs of homemade jams, jellies, honey and apple butter at the main base of the mountain but I started running my mouth- making conversation with the guys and forgot to keep an eye out for the "store." I doubt that it was open being as it is Sunday but I plan to find out where it is some day soon.
There was also a log cabin rental place that we passed. True, genuine, bone fide log cabins! They are privately owned by a couple that built them on their land. I wanted to stop and get info. on renting one but when we left from our picnic a really bad storm had set in and we weren't able to stop and check. Must do that also!
And last but not least a little bouquet of Brown Eyed Susan flowers that Chris and Caleb picked for me while on the nature walk. (YEP, they're in a coke bottle, LOL. That's the only "vase" we had at the moment. Isn't that sweet?! My favorite of all the wildflowers.

So there you have it. A nice day with family, food and no worries!

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