Thursday, June 14, 2007

Echota Resort - LOTS of Pictures

Chris in bed.
Chris, Alex and Caleb in the hot tub.

Me and Caleb in the hot tub. No, I didn't cut my hair off. It's pulled up. :)~ lol

Alex and Caleb playing air hockey.
Alex relaxing in the master bedroom watching TV.
View of the kitchen from the upstairs loft.
Chris relaxing and watching TV downstairs in the living room.
Another pic. of the cozy little living room. It was so cute and inviting.
Caleb outside standing by the Jeep before we went out shopping.
A wide outside shot of the cabin. It was called Moose Lodge #56.

Our mini vacation at Echota Resort. I took 100 pictures in all, but here a "few" of the best.
I forgot that the first picture loaded would come up as the last. I thought I was listing them in the sequence that they happened. Oh well.
Chris got home Monday night and after he rested up from his long drive home I told him that I really needed to get out of this house. I needed a break so bad. He thought getting a cabin for a couple of nights might be a good idea.

We rented this cabin down in Sevierville (that's Tennessee) for anyone that doesn't know. lol
My pictures didn't turn out the best, but here they are.

It was a really cute little place. Very cozy and even had a bedroom in the upstairs loft. Caleb has always had a thing for loft rooms. There was a full size air hockey table up there and we all took turns getting hit by the puck! LOL Caleb hits it a bit too hard.

Out on the back deck there was a hot tub. Ahhh. I still can't believe I posted the picture of me in my bathing suit! I rarely post pictures of myself, much less of me in all my fat glory! Oh well, it was my vacation after all, and I needed that soak so bad.

The first picture- which was supposed to be the last picture- is just of Chris all snuggled up in the bed after a long day of hot tub soaking and grilling out on the back deck. lol Poor guy. Not.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the back deck but it was really in the thicket of the trees. It doesn't look like it in the pictures but the deck was a good 20 feet or more off the ground and was on a deep downhill slope from there. Not much way to get a pic. of it.

On the resort they also have a swimming pool, tennis courts, volley ball area and a club house. We drove by and gave it a glance but didn't partake in any of it. We really enjoyed ourselves more just relaxing back at the cabin in the privacy away from the noise of others. That is what we all wanted anyway. To just be away from every one and every thing.

It cost us a small fortune but I'm glad we went. I hope we get to go again before the summer is over.
The End :o)

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