Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Etsy Vent!

If I had to rate my Etsy experiences as a buyer and seller on a scale from 1 to 5 I'd have to give it a 3.5 right now.
The reason it doesn't get all 5..., because some sellers there have deemed themselves the "Almighty" and will go out of their way to cut you down.
If you aren't part of the official administration and you're not pointing out REAL Etsy rules or guidelines then it's none of your business.
I'm referring to members that have made up their own set of rules and laws, if you will. Can you imagine the audacity?! Where do you buy the balls to start pushing your ideas of what is right and wrong on other people? Or maybe I should ask...what courage pills are they taking?!

Let me tell you something. Leave people alone! You are NOT Etsy Admin and your PERSONAL feelings on what is right and wrong do not apply to any one but YOU!

You may wake up one day and decide that you don't like the color green, (for example.)
You might even start a little group with other sellers that also hate the color green. But that does NOT give you the authority or the right to go around sending snarky convos to all the other sellers demanding that they remove every thing that is green from their shops! No sir!

Earlier tonight I went in the forums to post my SNS. For those that don't know it's a regular Sat. night event amongst the sellers. They post sales that are for Sat. night only.
It was started by a few certain sellers way back when, and somewhere along the way it was decided that you can not post your own SNS thread. Rather, you must post only to the SNS thread that is started by the "official" SNS thread starter. Well, I did not know this! I WAS going to post to the SNS thread originally-until I saw that it was 18 PAGES long.

My common sense tells me that there is no way my Saturday specials would ever be seen, much less read! Who has nothing better to do than read 18+ pages of SNS?! So, I started my own SNS thread. Within seconds of my post I was contacted by one of the founding SNS sellers. I was instructed not to take it upon myself to start my own SNS thread, and that I can only post SNS topics on the "official" SNS thread. I got slapped on the wrist and talked down to as if I were 3 years old.

In researching I noticed that not only was this person ten years younger than me (ha ha), but she is a nobody as far as Etsy is concerned. She's just a regular seller/member like me. She is NOT with administration and my seller fees do not pay to have her throw her weight around, and spend her Saturday nights looking for people like me that- God forbid- that made an SNS post off away from the original where it would actually be SEEN! GASP!! The nerve of me.

Since this took place and I've been educated about the type of people behind the induction of SNS I have decided that I want nothing to do with it or them. I do not want my name or my shop to be affiliated or associated in any way, shape, or form with the likes of those hateful, self righteous people. From now on my Sat. Special will be called by SSS, or Super Saturday Specials.
Saturday Night Special is a dumb name anyway. Who's buying a real gun on etsy? DER! You do know that SNS is a reference to the illegal obtaining of firearms, right?
So to you who decide it's your way or the highway...
to you that want to make up rules that aren't official Etsy policy...
to you I say SHOVE IT where the sun doesn't shine. Build a bridge and get over yourselves!


DaniLane said...

i was checking out your blog because i've been tagged in a game that asks you to post 5 random facts about your self, and i was going to tag you.
uhm... tag?

you are so right about the forums on etsy. people advise 'newbies' to post post post but it can be quite intimidating. i've been there for about 9 months, and i'm not very comfortable in them.
i hate seeing 'you should have posted this topic in this or that section' or people jumping right in to reprimand folks for 'calling out' when the topic may benifit others and well, who would know what they're talking about?
i totally feel you on this one.
SSS's it is!

Kristie said...

Thanks danilane. Glad to see I'm not the only one tired of the "barking dogs."
Beautiful afghans on your blog! I love to make afghans but typically only work on them in the winter months. LOL I am SO hot natured. :o)