Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been having a ball.

I love giving out a little unexpected something with each
of my orders. Up until now it has mostly been earrings or
cell phone charms made with beads. The bad thing about that
is not knowing the customers tastes, so it's real easy to send
something that they might not like.

Then, I had this idea. Who can't use a little note pad for
their purse? Who would scoff at a fridge magnet? By George
I think I'm on to something! So, until I get sick of making these
I will be including them in with my orders at random. That is to
say that not every singe order will get one, but I do plan to be

Another great thing about these is that they will not add to
the cost of shipping. In fact they will help in adding to that
3/4" rate crap I have to deal with. So if anything they are good
for the customer and good for me too!

This is just the beginning as my mind is brimming with other
promo items I can easily make. I have a small rubber stamp
with my shop logo on it and I'm thinking that it is going to come
in handy very soon. :)

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