Monday, May 05, 2008

Hubbies Home

Can you tell hubby is home? I haven't been blogging very much. lol

Chris started replacing our walkway steps that lead down to the house. Seems like only yesterday we forked out $1000 to build the first set! But, they are wooden steps and even with water treatment chemicals they still aged and a few are bowed and broken. I fell through one a few months ago and that sealed the deal. They had to be replaced.
We are making the new ones out of concrete and laying pretty stepping stones on them. So far only one step is finished. I'll make pictures and post soon.

One thing that has never happened in all the time that Chris has had this "new" job is having an account close to home. This week he is working at an account where he can come home every night and I couldn't be happier! I only wish it was a large job so it would last longer.
I'm supposed to be going out the door right now to take him and the guys pizzas for lunch. I really need to get it together fast because I was supposed to be there right NOW, and I've only just been awake a few minutes! Better bust a move. lol

Till next time...

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