Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I am back home...I think.

Turns out I didn't need to be gone as long as I thought. I went to NC fully prepared to stay at least two weeks because that is what hubby told me. After only 3 days he says to me, "Surprise, we get to go home." He did not know beforehand that he would be sent back that soon, and neither did I. Obviously I wouldn't have bothered with that awful drive in that nasty weather if I would have known.

He does have to go back this Friday though and says he will for sure be there two weeks. They are redoing a floor of a Wal-Mart that is a 30 day project. Just so happens that they are rotating the workers back and forth so that no one employee gets burned out working the same location too long. Seems more logical to me to just leave the crew there, the same crew, and get the job done and move on. But instead a lot of them are doing the same as Chris had to do. Make the trip more that once. Different crews each week. What a mess!

Back in the hotel room we turned the TV on for all of 5 minutes as we were getting ready to out for dinner. Turned it off and started smelling this burning electrical stench. Looked over and there was smoke rolling out from the television like crazy! For two of the three nights that we were there we didn't have TV to watch. It was SO boring. There was absolutely nothing to do in that town. At least not in the part where we were, and I wasn't about to venture out off the main path and get myself lost.

And the kicker of this is...
The kids want to go back. That is to say DS Alex, DS Caleb, and my niece Vivian. Alex even told them how utterly BORING it was going to be but once they heard that there is a swimming pool there was no changing their minds. Now I have to think long and hard, do I really want to go back and do that again. Possibly for two weeks? Chris leaves Friday. I've got to come to a decision pretty fast. Oh boy, here we go again- MAYBE.

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