Thursday, August 28, 2008

I made it in one piece. :)

I know you are all anxiously waiting to get word that I arrived. ;) I am here but the drive wasn't completely uneventful.
For starters; no one ever bothered to tell me that GPS systems do not function properly in bad weather. It was rainy, foggy, and just really gloomy the whole way here. Thanks Fay!
So, my GPS was completely worthless! And that's putting it nicely. According to the GPS I was in a field somewhere. At other times I didn't even exist, as far as it was concerned. At one point in the mountains the fog was so thick that I could barely see the tractor trailer that I know was right in front of me. Ah, the joys of traveling!

I chickened out on making the trip by myself and drafted Alex to come with me. I am so very glad that I had him with me. I would never have found my way if it wasn't for him. When the GPS went on the fritz he was a huge help keeping me on the right paths. Thanks Alex! Momma wuvs you!

Oh, it also turned out that we weren't going to Durham at all. Chris had read the information wrong! We are in Roxboro, NC. There's a road around here called Durham and he took for granted that is where we were going. Silly husband!

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Gabbriella said...

Glad you got there safe! ENJOY!!!
Kristie you made a "bloggin fool" out of me! I just can't stop...when you have time check out my latest blog at
I am hooked on this! Thank you!!!!!
Have fun while away!!!