Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Out with the old...

and in with the new.
We built this extended counter top/table in when we built the house. That was some 10 years ago give or take a year. The BIG problem with it was it made it impossible to bring anything large in to the house. Bringing in the kitchen appliances was almost impossible! Beyond that I was just sick of it!
At one point we had bar stools at it so we could sit there and eat. But if anyone came walking in, the front door would hit your chair. You had to get up and move your chair, wait for them to scrape by and then readjust your seating position. Not the best building idea we ever had! Plus is was never technically finished, as you can see by the oh so fancy leg Chris built on to it. lol


That's DS Caleb under there loosening the screws, getting ready to rip that thing out for good.

With the old bar gone there was plenty of room for this little kitchen table and chairs. Yes, my kitchen is small and there is no formal dinning room. We work with what we have though.

Tomorrow we paint the baseboards and repaint the front door. Some day when I am feeling really brave I will tackle those stark white cabinets. Chris doesn't know about this little addition yet. I hope he approves when he gets home again- first of September.

And I forgot to tell you that he really liked the bathroom remodel. He said he was pleasantly surprised because he was expecting it to be really feminine. He said we did a great job on the flooring, loves the lighting fixtures. "It's nice to be able to see when I'm shaving." So all in all it was thumbs up all around. :)


Gabbriella said...

Looks really good Kristie! i just love those taller tables. I'll be over for coffee! What are you tearing down next time he goes out?

Kristie said...

HEHE! I don't know what is next but wait until I am bored again and you never know what might happen! lol

NikkiH said...

I think it looks beautiful Kristie, I am sure Chris will love it. What do the boys think, is everyone eating at the table together now?

Kristie said...

They like it a lot.

We haven't eaten a "real" meal yet. Bad, I know. We've spent the day painting the baseboards and the front door, and also doing some touch ups here and there. Maybe we'll actually use the table tomorrow. lol

Chris just called and said he is passing through this way Thursday night and *might* get to spend one night here on his was to Arkansas so... I am excited about that and I hope he likes it!

Gabbriella said...

AHHHH!!! I just noticed you have a cat just like my "grandchild cat"!!! It is a tuxcedo cat...right?