Saturday, August 09, 2008

This Week @ CVS

Between me and Alex we got just over $100 in product for less than $1 out of pocket.
In fact I had a $6 overage and that's how I came to get the Gain detergent. A pleasant and unexpected surprise. I'm not good at thinking fast on my feet so I just grabbed that and ran back to the register. LOL She scanned that and I still needed another .21 in product so I had my niece grab herself a candy bar.

8 bags Dove chocolate
2 Suave body wash for men
2 CVS Ibuprofin
2 Covergirl TRUblend foundations
2 8ct. packs Extra sugar free gum
1 Gain detergent
1 Gillette Fusion razor pack
1 Advil
1 Alavert bonus pack
1 Colgate toothpaste
1 Lamasil foot spray
1 Lamisilk foot lotion
1 Reese candy bar (not pictured) lol

1 comment:

NikkiH said...

I am so jealous lol, look at all that yummy chocolate, mmmmm! I so wish we would get one of those stores here already, then you can teach me how to do the CVS thing :)