Friday, January 11, 2008

Let the debt begin!!!

EDITED on Jan. 15th to add pictures. Overlook the dirt! We have a gravel driveway, unfortunately. lol

OMGosh you guys! When I woke up today I had NO idea what I was in for.

The plan...
Chris and I were going to drive to Knox this morning (yesterday morning now), to have a look at some cars. That's all, a look.
See, I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee and LOVED it. It's 4WD, automatic everything, cruise control, all the bells and whistles. BUT, it is also a total gas guzzler! And the transmission was leaking fluid. It was from a bad seal, but still, the Jeep also had over 170,000 miles on it so we knew it was just a matter of time before we would have to part ways with it. Going out to look at cars was just give us an idea of something we might want to look for in our next used car.

Every time we've bought a car it has always been used. Always! We usually drop $4,000 (cash, no financing) or less on a good used, low mileage car and just drive the hound out of it until it falls apart and then get another "new" car. (We have connection to good quality, affordable vehicles.)

Well anyway, We have never liked the idea of going in debt for a vehicle. Still don't. That is why I am astonished to tell you right now that I am an owner of a BRAND NEW 2008 Ford Focus. GAHHHH! HOW did this happen?

I'd like to say that I am all giddy and proud, but I am not. This is my very first brand new car, and also Chris's too. We should be ecstatic but instead I am worried sick over the debt end. I know logically that we can pay for this car, but I still just want to puke when I think about it.
Chris feels ok about it and he's not as worried because it came with a 5 year warranty. Heck, the tires even know when you've hit a nail, or when the tires are losing air, the car tells you!

He feels good about it because he is gone so much and feels like he won't have to be so worried about me breaking down somewhere. That much I can understand.

I know this is going to sound strange and even funny to some, but I was so upset that I cried TWICE at the dealership. I asked the sales guy if he ever saw a woman cry over getting a new car? He said, "Yes, but not because she did NOT want it. Usually because she does want it and her husband says no." LOL

Emptying our belongings out of the Jeep was another emotional roller coaster for me because I wasn't prepared to part with it. I did not know that our ride to Knox was my last with "her."
Just a vehicle-maybe, but we all know that they are our "babies" because they get us where we need to go. We take great care of our vehicles and I don't think that it's too insane that we get attached to them. Jeep was awesome for this short 5'2" girl. The cruise was kickin' too! :)

I'll take a picture of the new car tomorrow and post it here. I would have taken it tonight but it was dark and very rainy when we got home with it.
You can also click this link. That blue one that comes up when you open the page is the car I got. Same color and everything.

Please tell me I won't regret this. LIE to me if you have to. But tell me every thing will be ok.

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scrapper al said...

It will be just fine Kristie! Think about that awesome warranty. I'm with Chris on the security thing. I don't mind taking the depreciation on a new car because we keep our cars for years. Be proud of yourselves that you can afford a new car.