Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aye Yei Aye

This year has been BAD for us so far! If it can go wrong, it has!

It started on Jan. 1st.-my birthday, the start of a new year full of new hopes, blah, blah, blah...
Then it happened.
My Jeep started leaking transmission fluid like crazy.

That same night our propane heater (that is attached to the wall) came OFF the wall. Just fell. kerplunk! It's the heater that we use to heat the whole house- I might add.

Not five minutes later the wires in the lighting fixtures in my livingroom fried and shorted out.

A couple days later my microwave decided to die.

Then, yes THEN, the sensors went out in my washing machine and it didn't know when it was full so guess who's bedroom floor got soaked?!
THEN, when we went to pull it out to replace it the pipe busted BELOW the shut-off valve and water just super flooded my bedroom. Poor Caleb, he ran as hard as he could to the end of the driveway (about 125 feet uphill) to shut off the main water valve.

So far we have: my car, my heater, my microwave, washing machine, and lighting fixtures. All pronounced dead or in need of serious repair. All within a fifteen day time frame.

In the past couple of years we've had to replace the Neon, get a new clothes dryer, fix a water pressure connector, a new stove for the kitchen, new refrigerator, TV, my printer, etc. etc. It goes on and on.
At this point almost all of our appliances are now new, along with the car. UGH

This year is barely started and it's cost us a fortune!! I just hope that nothing else major goes wrong. Please Lord. No more mishaps. My wallet runneth dry. lol

If anything else bad happens for a while I think I am going to CRACK!!!!!!

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Peggy said...

Girl your year sounds just like mine! This month has been super hard on our pocketbook and savings. Hopefully the rest of the year will get better. Send some of that snow Saturday on my way :)