Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sweet Dreams, Dear Oreo

Oreo, A.K.A Oreosis, A.K.A Speckles.
Died:Nov. 16th, 2007

A couple of days ago we lost a dear sweet fur baby that we never expected to love.
Oreo originally belonged to one of our neighbors. When they moved away they asked us if we wanted Oreo because they weren't allowed to have pets at the new apartment.
We agreed to take him because he was such a sweet pup and was already extremely bonded to Caleb. In fact, he spent so much time here that he wouldn't go home when his owners called for him. He liked it here.

About a week into our new ownership we learned a lesson that we had forgotten. Puppies that are left alone CHEW stuff up!
Oreo was only 5 months old when we got him. It was easy to forget that he was just a pup, because I am used to pups being small fragile things. lol
The first time we went to town we came back home to a disaster. Oreo had chewed up several of my treasured belongings. I never felt so angry in all my life but I tried to understand that he was probably having a bit of separation anxiety, as well as cutting teeth.

As time passed Oreo finally outgrew the chewing and the good outweighed the bad. He was very loving and affectionate. Just the sweetest dog you could ever want. He chased off strange animals, and alerted us when someone was coming. He did what dogs do.

Sadly, a neighbor came to the house Friday evening to tell us that Oreo had been hit by a car and had died. The only comfort I have is knowing that he did not suffer. He was struck in such a way that death was instant. He never saw it coming, and he didn't lay in pain.

My heart sank because we all had really just begun to bond with him. And to make matters worse he was Caleb's dog. We expected him to be around until Caleb was 30. Now, suddenly, he's gone.
He never had a habit of getting in the street before, but there is a female dog in season and I think he got on the road trying to go get to her. Oreo was scheduled to be neutered in Dec. Too bad the vet couldn't fit him in sooner. He might still be with us today if he wasn't trying to answer the "call of nature."

Caleb and I gathered him up in his favorite blanket and laid him to rest. I know it sounds silly to some people, but I know that he knew he was extremely loved and cared for. We are saddened by the loss. We take comfort in knowing that we did everything to make his short life happy. He was bathed regularly, (he loved baths), and every day he was treated with Beggin' Strips, raw hide chews, or a Milk Bone. Not an evening went by that he wasn't made over and pampered in hugs and love.

It was a short 5 months that we had the pleasure of sharing life with Oreo. He will be sorely missed. Thanks for letting me get this out there and sharing with you these pictures of a really good boy that is gone, but not forgotten.

Fur babies really are an important part our families and their passing is just as saddening as any other death. I know that a lot of pet owners know exactly where I'm coming from and understand.

I still expect to hear him run in through the doggy door and pounce me on the couch.
I expect to be woke up by a cold nose and wet tongue licking me on the face. I will miss not seeing his eyes light up and his tail wag fiercely when asked if he wants a Milk Bone.

To say you will be sadly missed doesn't even scratch the surface of our sadness today.


scrapper al said...

I'm sorry to hear about Oreo. Hugs to you!

Annie said...

Kristie, Caleb and Family... I am so sorry to hear about your loss, Pets are an important part of our family and it is very hard when they leave us, Oreo will always have a special place in your hearts and I am sure he knew he was loved by a good family. My thoughts are with you all especially Caleb.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you lost your little buddy. I lost Travis more than two years ago and still miss him everyday. I was thinking about him today and how much I wish they could live a lot longer. His nickname was boogalou and it was great sharing life with him. He was a great dog who will always be missed.