Friday, November 16, 2007

Crazy, crazy, crazy.

(Sensitive topic) look away if you have a queasy tummy!

First off, has anyone ever had the flu for only 4 hours???
I went to bed at 5am- yes I know- bad me! But then I woke up at 9am sick as could be.
I had chills, and burning up all at the same time. I had (the trots), and vomiting. I was super dizzy too.

I was feeling SO sick and thought to myself NOOO please not now. No one ever wants to be sick, I know. But you know how you lay there feeling awful and just imagine how the family will turn your house upside down if you aren't well enough to keep everything cleaned up? That was me.

So, I tried to relax and asked Alex to make me a cup of pine needle tea since it's packed with vitamin C. I figured it might help boost my immune system and fight off the yuckies.
The strangest thing was that about an hour after I drank the tea I was suddenly all better. I don't know what to make of it. Did the pine needle tea cure me? Did I really only have the flu for 4 hours? How is that possible?

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth I guess, but it's very, very strange. One minute I wake sick and could feel myself getting progressively worse. Then all of a sudden it's gone and as if it never happened. Maybe there is some super short virus going around that I am not aware of? All I know is that I am glad to feel healthy again and that I am not laying in bed feeling miserable.


Annie said...

Kristie sorry to hear you were feeling that bad and glad to hear it lasted only a short time!
I was thinking about you today, I am baking home made gingerbread men!

SherryBee said...

I stumbed into your site...ahhh, the wonders of the WWW...

The pine needle tea intrigues me. SOunds like it kicks butt! LOL
I found this site about it...

I would prefer it cold, too. I drink iced tea all day long.
I put one bag of cinnamon tea with 3 large Lipton bags....LOVE it that way!

Your jewelry is awesome, too!